CHM gains a new patent

The Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (SPTO) published a chm patent entitled, “Technique for improving the skid resistance of asphalt surfaces of roads through surface micro-treatments” on 18/05/2016.

This patent was the result of research carried out by chm in order to develop a technique for improving skid resistance of asphalt surfaces of roads by micro-incrustation of aggregate particles. It consists of the addition of certain doses of fine granular fractions of aggregates of up to 1 mm thickness that are resistant to polishing. These materials include porphyry, andesite, calcined bauxite and/or steel aggregate. The granular fractions can be added on top of the recently spread asphalt surface layer during road construction as well as on old layers without structural faults during maintenance works, in this case through the use of a specific binder.

This now patented technique has the advantage of providing an improvement in the adhesion and durability of the top surface layer in new construction at an early age. It also enables conservation of old friction deficient surfaces without having to replace them and enables the use of aggregates such as limestone or dolomite or waste aggregates obtained from areas close to the works, with the resulting cost and environmental savings.

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