CHM Infraestructuras receives the National “Best Environmental Practices” Prize

reconocimiento a la sostenibilidad

The Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Asphalt Mixture (ASEFMA) hands out the only award recognising the sustainability of asphalt surfaces.

The project “Reflective surfaces for mitigating climate change”, developed by the R&D+i team at CHM Infrastructuras, received the “Best Environmental Practices” prize on 30 May. This is the most important national accolade in the sector, and is awarded by the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Asphalt Mixture (ASEFMA). The prize was accepted in Madrid by Vicente Vilanova, president of CHM.

The jury, comprising members of the Technical Committee of the 12th National ASEFMA Seminar, evaluated the projects entered in this competition, scoring them based on their originality, innovativeness, impact on the sector and their benefits to the environment. They also assessed the presentation of the practice, printed materials and report. The three finalist projects (CHM Infraestructuras, Composan/CIRTEC and Alberto Moral/UAX) were deemed to be the best environmental practices developed in Spain in the asphalt mixture area.

CHM’s research has found that reflective flooring helps to reduce CO2 emissions because of its energy-saving impact on climate control and lighting in cities, by mitigating the effects of overheating during summer, which leads to healthier, more comfortable conditions for pedestrians.

The “Best Environmental Practices” Prize is a sector initiative whose purpose is to raise the profile of the significant investments in R&D undertaken by companies to improve asphalt mixtures, to create more sustainable, environmentally responsible materials that add technical value and are economically viable. The prize reflects the growing environmental sensitivity among asphalt manufacturers and those who produce, transport and apply their products.