The Spanish Patent and Trademark Office has published the new patent granted to CHM with the title, Dispensing and spreading hopper for road roller machines with application number P 201531552 and publication number ES 2610972 B2.

This invention is the result of research performed by CHM, linked to the previous patent on “Technique for the improvement of slip resistance of asphalt road surfaces through surface micro-treatments”.

The new patent describes a dosing and spreading hopper for aggregates, gravel and other granulated or powdered materials, specially designed to be coupled to or form an integral part of a road roller, with articulated rollers, for asphalt.

The hopper was conceived and developed for performing construction and restoration works on asphalt surfaces of roads (including streets, sports courts or similar) using the innovative technique of surface micro-treatment for the improvement of slip resistance, which is based on the addition of fine aggregates of up to 1 mm in thickness over the recently spread asphalt surface or a pre-existing surface with the help of binders.

The equipment achieves high precision in the dispensing of the fines and perfect uniformity of spreading over the surface to the treated.  However, the hopper can also be used for any other treatment of surfaces with similar requirements or as a spreading machine for granulated or powdered materials such as gravel or aggregates in general, salt or dry conglomerates.