It replaces the previous cell, which has been operating over the course of the last decade, and has a capacity of 2.8 million cubic metres, four times more than the existing one.

Waste from a dozen municipalities will end up in the new landfill cell at Lorca waste treatment centre. The new cell, which has a capacity of 2.8 million cubic metres, is able to remain operational for the next forty years. This is the third cell to be opened at the waste treatment centre owned by municipal solid waste treatment company Limusa at the Barranco Hondo site.

The new cell and preparing the surrounding area at the waste treatment centre has cost 4.4 million euros, paid for by Limusa’s profits, as clarified by mayor of Lorca Fulgencio Gil during yesterday’s opening ceremony at the facility. The mayor emphasised that the new landfill cell is four times larger than the existing one and will be 55% more efficient. The infrastructure places the municipality at the “cutting-edge of urban solid waste treatment and management” he claimed.

Having this landfill cell will avoid having to transport non-recoverable waste to other treatment centres, saving the municipal coffers 5.8 million euros. “It’s the most ambitious investment in waste recovery and treatment undertaken up to now in the municipality” added Gil. The new landfill cell comes fitted with “the highest possible standard of safety measures” and, in addition to waterproofing, equipment has been installed to extract and manage leachates and for stormwater collection and channelling.

Access ways and ditches

Cell number two has been operating for ten years and has now been definitively sealed. To do this, work has involved covering a surface area of 55,800 square metres with a waterproof mineral barrier and fitting an artificial drainage system to extract leachates. Everything has been covered with a layer of topsoil one metre thick. Work has also included improvements to access ways and ditches. A total of 18,000 square metres of land have been tarmacked, close to 9,000 cypress trees have been planted and a rainwater tank holding 24,000 cubic metres has been built to safeguard water intended for irrigation. Plus, there is also a new 250 square metre administration building for 6 members of staff working on site.

Source: www.laverdad.es