LIFE HEATLAND – “live well, respecting the limits of our planet”

This October, CHM kicked launched the LIFE HEATLAND project, a project funded by LIFE, the EU’s financial instrument supporting environmental, nature conservation and climate action projects, managed by the European Commission. The National Authority in Spain is the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Environment, through the General Services Department.

The overall mission of this project is to demonstrate rational, economically viable environmental solutions that reduce the “Heat Island” effect in urban areas, greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 and NOx) and noise pollution in cities.

Specifically, it means using the new Cool pavement, developed by CHM and the Construction Technology Centre of the Region of Murcia (Ctcon), which retains less solar heat than conventional paving. The project is designed to measure the percentage reduction in air temperature in cities and the surface temperature of the surface itself, which will improve quality of life in cities. It is expected to save on energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to help to mitigate climate change.

CHM’s contribution to the project means manufacturing and spreading up to 24,000m2 of this new pavement, in the city of Murcia, foreseeably during 2018. The findings will serve as a base for determining if the new pavement is reliable and can be exported to other Spanish and European cities. To achieve this, four measuring towers will be installed, and during the test programme they will obtain 1.5 million data, registering the following parameters every 30 minutes, 24 hours a day for two years: pavement surface temperature, air temperature, humidity, wind speed, solar radiation, air ozone, light level, and noise.

LIFE HEATLAND has an estimated duration of three years, and an overall budget of €1.3 million. Murcia City Council, CTCON, the Federation of Entrepreneurs of the Construction in the Region of Murcia (FRECOM) and the construction sector cluster of Slovenia are also taking part in the project.