Works for the construction of the platform for the installation of general high-speed railway lines for access to Murcia. The section is 9.55 kilometres in length and passes through the municipal areas of San Isidro, Granja de Rocamora, Callosa de Segura, Cox, Redován and Orihuela, in the Province of Alicante.

The works consist of the following main elements:

Callosa-Cox viaduct with a length of 742.75 metres and widths varying from 14 to 34 metres for the double-track main line, two side lines and pedestrian platforms of 6.30 metres width.

Redován viaduct, a hyperstatic viaduct of 589.10 metres in length, 14 metres in width and 16 spans of 29 to 37.65 metres.

Elevated walkways over platform (4), three of them with a width of 8 metres, one with a width of 15 metres and length of 476.80 metres.

Callosa-Cox station is located on the Callosa Cox viaduct, with the passenger building and station car park under the viaduct and the platforms on top. The works for the station include the building, platforms, facilities, parking, urbanisation and reorganisation of the necessary access roads.

Callosa tunnel (which is immediately after the Callosa-Cox viaduct) has a length of 2,050 metres, a free width of 8.60 metres and an interior free space of 85 square metres, crossing the Sierra de Callosa and the “Sierra Callosa de Segura” LIC (Area of Regional Importance). In addition to the railway tunnel, two auxiliary emergency evacuation tunnels have been constructed (parallel to the main tunnel along its right side), with safety areas in each tunnel entrance.

In order to maintain existing railway traffic, a diversion to the current railway line has been constructed, of conventional width, over which the railway traffic will run until the new line is opened.

In addition to the one-off units, works have been done for the stabilisation the ground, drainage and gravel columns, foundations with in situ prefabricated piles, embankments, causeway, platform preload, transverse drainage works, relocation of services, environmental restoration, etc.

The works were executed by a U.T.E. (temporary company union) with Dragados (53.5%), CHM (30%) and Tecsa (16.5%), and with an awarded budget of 189,876,363.68 euros (including VAT).

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