CHM is constantly upgrading its machinery fleet to keep abreast of the latest technologies. These new machines will complement the rest of our specialised equipment.

The new acquisitions consist of:

  •  VOGELE SUPER 2100-3 i Paver

This machine features high performance with low fuel consumption, which will enable us to reduce emissions. It is equipped with “AutoSet Plus”, a repositioning function that automates the settings and saves paving programs. It also provides a selection of stored paving programs to ensure constant quality, repeatability and recording of all key paving parameters.

Laydown rate of up to 1,100 tonne/h and high traction capacity thanks to the 235-horsepower engine and crawler track drive.

It is fitted with a High Compaction System by a tamper and two pressure bars.

The maximum pave width is 9.50 m with hydraulic bolt-on extensions and 13 m with fixed-width screed and the SB 250-2 TV conversion kit.

The screed width can be adjusted by means of the “SmartWheel” with two screed width adjustment speeds.

  •  GRW 280i 28-tonne tyre roller

Fitted with automatic tyre pressure adjustment on all eight wheels. Powerful dual braking system capable of stopping the 28 tonnes of inertia. The smart ballast system enables the user to vary the operating weight quickly and accurately and to add ballast of different materials and weights.

The operator cab has heating and air conditioning and improved visibility that enables the driver to see the edges of the outer tyres, thus reducing the risk of accidents.

Its weight enables compaction of very thick mix strata and recycling of paving layers that require high compaction systems.

  •  HAMM HD 110 i VO Roller


The electronic Easy Drive concept makes operation safe and simple. The 3-point articulation makes for even weight distribution and achieves very flat surfaces without crushing.

The operator’s cab is equipped with heating and air conditioning and provides a clear view that enables accurate finishing of the paving edges.

The vibration and oscillation of the articulated tandem roller can be implemented independently or simultaneously to avoid excessive loads on sensitive structures such as bridge decks or when working near residential areas or hospitals. The oscillation system enables excellent finishing of the paving joints.

The compacting drum incorporates two other systems to ensure quality surface finishes:

Temperature meter: detects the surface temperature of the paving in real time to ensure that the mix is always within the optimum temperature range for compaction.

Hamm Compaction Meter: indicated the degree of compaction of the bituminous mix thanks to the accelerometer sensor built into the metallic wheel disk.