Wilanow college in Warsaw (Poland)

“College with a little over 13,000 m2 built surface area, on three levels, basement + ground floor + first floor”

Structural type: reinforced concrete with cement slabs, retaining walls built “in situ” of forged slab.

Roof: made of concrete slabs and trapezoidal sheet.

Façade system: SATE of 21 cm thickness.

Execution of the facilities: unique with geothermal heating system.

College fully equipped with furniture, kitchen, computer equipment, internal telecommunications, CCTV, solar energy and other facilities.

Includes a sports hall of 1,400 m2 with mixed reinforced concrete and metal structure, with full sports facilities and tiered seating.

External facilities include children’s playgrounds, running track, football field, car parts and interior roadways.

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