The Region of Murcia federation of construction business owners (FRECOM) held their 32nd edition of Construction Sector Prizes for the Region of Murcia this year.

This event takes place annually and rewards leading entrepreneurs and companies for their excellence, good work and dedication as well as innovation and production process improvement.

One of the four categories is the Innovation Prize, awarded in collaboration with the Region of Murcia construction technology centre (CTCON). This public acknowledgement seeks to encourage companies to engage in Research, Development and Innovation (R&D+i) activities and contribute to raising awareness of the importance of innovation in the construction sector.

On this occasion, the Innovation Prize was awarded to CHM Obras e Infraestructuras for the research project, “Micro-encrustation of aggregates for the improvement of adhesion on roads” (microinvolta). This is a new technique developed by CHM that improves the skid resistance of asphalt surfaces by altering their microtexture in an economical and environmentally sustainable way, improving maintenance and repair intervals and road safety. The technique can be applied during the spreading of new road surface layers and can also be applied to already existing road surface layers.